Do you know what kind of dating partner you are looking for? Have you broadly specified the qualities you are looking for in your dating partner? If not, it is time you do that. Otherwise, you will never get satisfied with any dating partner. If you do not know what you are looking for, how will you succeed?

Unfortunately, when we look to buy anything, we try to find out what we are looking for. But when it comes to a dating partner, many of us have no clue what kind of person will satisfy them. Let us look at some qualities that may specify your partner.

Physical – Are you looking for a great specimen? A smashing looker? Will you be happy, even if the other person is lacking in intelligence but has a great body? Or do you need more intelligence and an Ok, body? Are you prepared to compromise on looks if your partner is otherwise good, or good looks are a must? Please think hard and decide.

Emotional – What should be the emotional makeup of your partner? Will you be emotionally satisfied only if you find a caring partner? Or do you need someone for who you will care? Should your partner have his/her emotions ruling over the head? Are you looking for a compassionate person or someone tough and emotionally strong? Someone who begins crying looking at a miserable scene or one who will say – this is what life is and walk away? Emotions rule every facet of our life. We must know our emotional makeup and the emotions we desire in our partner. Please prepare a long list of questions about emotions you desire your partner to have in plenty and try to find out before you proceed further. If your partner is short-tempered and if you hate anger, you will never love him/her. Am I correct? Please define your priorities.

Intellectual – Will anyone with normal intellect satisfy you or do you need someone who can write volumes on any given subject. What is your intellectual level, and what kind of partner are you seeking in this area? Please decide very carefully about this. This quality is many times responsible for destroying relationships. Sometimes, people of average intellect manage to attract someone of very high intellect and then suffer from this complexity all through their life.

Goals – What are your values in life? What are your goals about money, children, family life, and other areas? If your partner has different values and life goals, it will be destroyed right from day one.

If we know what we are looking for, we present ourselves as thinking individuals who know their minds to any dating partner. You will be respected for that and will surely attract the one you desire.